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Simplify tax refund and get access to great marketing benefits

We at Safety Tax Free believe Tax Refund should not take up more of your valuable time than strictly necessary. That’s why we offer you a free terminal to create tax free forms in an instant and vow to take care of your customer’s inquiries and all payout steps afterwards. With Safety Tax Free, you further get access to a broad scope of useful services, including localized marketing, tour group management, customer analysis, cultural seminars, and much more. Our growing network of satisfied retailers comes from various industries including luxury clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, footwear, home appliances, electronics and drugstores. Contact us today to find out how you can grow your Chinese customer base with Safety Tax Free!

Our Tax Free Terminal

Tax Refund + Payment Service

Tax Free Service

Being part of the Safety Tax Free network will not only allow you to offer a better and more convenient service to your Chinese clients, but also largely accelerate and simplify your store’s tax free and sales process. Say goodbye to handwritten forms and additional bookkeeping efforts: Our WIFI-connected tax free terminal calculates the refund amount automatically and prints the customers’ personal data on the form by just scanning their passports. Contact us today to get a personal introduction to our system!

OCR Syetem

Recognizing barcodes, QR-codes and passport data via OCR.

Touch Screen

Practical 5.5-inch touchscreen.


58 mm high-speed thermoprinter prints forms in a few seconds.

TaxFree Service-min
Payment Service-min

Payment Service

While mobile payment has become part of the everyday life in China, we’ve collaborated with reputable European financial partners to provide a faster and more secure alternative for the two biggest payment systems in China – Alipay and WeChat Pay.

With our transparent cost structure, your customer can use the national currency unit (CNY) for their purchases, and check the payments according to the actual exchange rates while paying with their Alipay or WeChat Pay account. The amounts will then be paid out via debit payments in Euro.

T+7 Billing

You can choose weekly or monthly payouts of your sales.

Reimbursement without fee

If the customers change their mind, the purchase amount can be either entirely or partly reimbursed within 24 hours.

Overview of all transactions

Directly print out daily settlements with our smart terminal and get an overview of transactions via the online platform of our partner.

Additional in-APP optimisation

Your business card for Chinese customers

Amazing tool for additional sales

With one click to your store

Avoid long queues and failed payments

Other Services

As our partner store, you will enjoy a series of additional services to grow your network of clients and improve your brand image. Click on the images below to find out how we can help you increase your sales.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

Deep customer understanding for better purchasing selections

Social Media Presence

Increase awareness level and effectively extend customer interactions

Digital Language Support

Overcome language barriers with the help of modern technology


Educational seminars to train your staff

Chinese Sales Service

Language and cultural knowledge as the key to your sales success


Chinese Print Advertising

Concrete assistance for your sales results

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