Digital Language Support

If you have encountered communication issues but you do not wish to add additional staff to your store, we can offer you an additional customised service to solve this problem. We know how complicated it can be to describe the ingredients present in cosmetics or the components of a specific drug in a foreign language, that’s why we can compile a list of the most popular products bought by your Chinese customers and translate them one by one. That’s right.

By accessing the Safety Tax Free app users can enjoy customised translations of their favourite products. We translate the ingredients and descriptions of each one of them so that your customers can avoid buying the wrong type of drug or a product to which they may be allergic to. Users will only need to use their smartphone to scan the barcode of a product to be redirected to an H5 page completely in Chinese, where they will be able to find a picture of the product and all the information needed.

This service is particularly useful for shops selling cosmetics, perfumes, baby food and all drugstores in general. By joining the network of partner stores of Safety Tax Free all your communication problems will be solved with one simple application, a 360 degrees tool which will satisfy all you customers’ needs and requests.

Have a look below to see how this service can simplify your everyday life and drastically improve your customers’ satisfaction. When your customers receive more than they expect, you should not be surprised if they spread the voice with their family members and friends and more and more customers will want to buy from you store.