Terms of use


  1. Scope of Application

These terms shall govern the contractual relationship between Safety Tax Free GmbH (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and its customer (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”; the Company and the Customer also jointly referred to as the “Parties” and each individually as the “Party”). Any services provided by the Company shall exclusively be subject to these Terms of Use. The Privacy Policy of the Company describes our collection, processing and use of your personal information in connection with your access to and use of our services. We kindly remind you to read and understand the Privacy Policy (www.safetytaxfree.com/privacypolicy).



  1. Conclusion and Subject of the Contract

1. By registering as a user of the Company via the Company’s mobile application (“App”) or via WeChat the Customer enters into a framework contract with the Company and becomes a partner of the VAT refund program offered by the Company.

2. The services under this program are exclusively offered to natural persons domiciled outside the European Union staying in Germany as tourists or commuters only or exclusively for shopping purposes.

The services will only be offered with regard to the purchase of tangible, movable goods intended for the Customer’s private use which are exported to the Customer’s domicile country by the Customer in his private luggage and which are transported out of the European Union before the end of the third month following the month in which the purchase takes place (hereinafter referred to as the “Goods”).

3. Subject to the requirements set out in these Terms of Use the Company offers to file an application for a refund of value added tax (hereinafter referred to as “VAT”) for the Goods purchased from the Company with the competent authorities and to forward the amount to be refunded to the Customer after deduction of the agreed handling fee as a purchase price reduction.


  1. Registration

Upon registration as a user of the App, the Customer is required to provide personal data including but not limited to the scanned copy of its passport in order for the Company to check the Customer’s status as a non-resident of the European Union.


  1. Conclusion of Contract with a Retailer 

The Customer shall be authorized to enter into a contract on the purchase of Goods with a retailer on behalf of the Company. The authorization shall be limited to the purchase of Goods in terms of Section II and to contracts with retailers residing in the Federal Republic of Germany. Except for these restrictions the Customer shall be free to choose the retailer and the Goods to be purchased.

The Customer shall reveal the fact that he acts as an authorized representative on behalf of the Company towards the retailer.


  1. Sales Contract between the Company and the Customer

Simultaneously with the conclusion of the purchase contract with the retailer the Company shall resell the Goods to the Customer. The Goods shall be sold to the Customer at the same price at which they are purchased from the retailer. The Customer shall be authorized to conclude such sales contracts with himself on behalf of the Company. The Customer’s declaration to enter into the purchase contract with the retailer on behalf of the Company shall imply his/her offer to purchase the Goods from the Company and the acceptance of that offer on behalf of the Company.

The sales contract between the Customer and the Company shall be subject to the condition that the purchase contract between the Company and the retailer is validly concluded.


  1. Payment of the Purchase Price to the Retailer 

The Customer undertakes to fulfil the Company’s obligation to pay the purchase price to the retailer. The Customer shall pay the full amount due under the purchase contract between the retailer and the Company to the retailer without delay. However, the Customer shall verify that the invoice issued by the retailer is addressed to the Company as the retailer’s contractual partner.

The Parties agree that the Customer’s claim for reimbursement against the Company resulting thereof shall be set off against the Company’s purchase price claim against the Customer arising from the sales contract between the Parties.


  1. Transfer of Ownership  

The Customer shall act as an authorized representative on behalf of the Company also with regard to the transfer of ownership of the Goods. The Parties agree that, at first, the Customer shall take possession of the Goods for the Company and the Company shall obtain ownership. The Company agrees that the ownership shall pass to the Customer immediately afterwards. However, the transfer of ownership to the Customer shall be subject to the full payment of the purchase price by the Customer pursuant to Sec. 6.


  1. Tax Refund Form

The participation in the tax refund program offered by the Company requires using the tax refund form (TR Form) which is available via the Company’s mobile application and will be provided upon request by the Company or its partners listed in the appendix to the Customer. The Customer shall enter the full and correct name and address of the retailer and the total amount of the purchase price including VAT and have the TR Form signed by the retailer at the time of conclusion of the purchase contract.

In addition, at the time of departure from the EU, the Customer shall obtain a confirmation from the customs authorities on the TR Form that the customs export formalities for the respective Goods are completed.

The completed TR Form shall be sent to the following address:

Hong-Kong-Road Road 50 Qingdao International News Center, 3rd Floor, Room 315, 266000 Qingdao, China

The original invoice(s) or sales receipt(s) need to be attached to the TR Form. The TR Form and original invoice(s) or sales receipt(s) must be received within 90 days after the Customer’s departure from the EU.


  1. Customer’s Obligation to inform the Company

Without undue delay after the purchase of Goods the Customer shall take a photograph of the invoice(s) or sales receipt(s) for the Goods and upload it using the Safety Tax Free Mobile Application. The Customer shall make sure that all relevant data contained in the documents is clearly legible on the photograph. The Customer’s duty to send the original documents attached to the TR Form, including the TR Form, to the address indicated in Section 8 remains unaffected.

The Company shall confirm receipt of the photographs by sending an electronic message or using the Safety Tax Free Mobile Application.

The Company will contact the Customer for confirmation of identity using name, individual identification code and security password disclosed to the Customer through the course of the registration procedure.


  1. Refund to the Customer

1. The Company shall pay to the Customer the VAT amount indicated in the retailer’s invoice(s) or sales receipt(s) after deduction of the handling fee as set out in Section 11. Payment shall be made within 3 (three) working days after the Company has received the VAT refund from the tax authorities.

2. The Company’s payment obligation is subject to the requirements set out in these Terms of Use. In particular, the Company shall be released from its obligations under this contract if

(i) the requirements set out under Section 2 are not met;

(ii) the documents referred to under Section 8 are not provided completely in due time;

(iii) the Customer does not comply with his information duties as per Section 9.

If a subsequent tax audit by the competent authorities leads to the result that the requirements for a refund as set out under Section II are not met and that therefore the refunded amount must be paid back by the Company, the Company shall be entitled to claim reimbursement of its payment from the Customer.


  1. Fees

The Company shall be entitled to a handling fee for its services and the fee is calculated dynamically, based on the Customer’s consumed amount and the fee can be calculated with the ”calculator” function within the Company’s mobile application.


  1. Warranty for Defects 

In the event of any defects of the Goods the Customer is entitled to statutory warranty claims pursuant to Section 434 ss. of the German Civil Code. Since the sales contract is concluded between the Customer and the Company as seller these warranty claims can be directed against the Company. However, the Company shall assign its warranty claims against the retailer to the Customer upon the Customer’s request.

The Company’s liability for damages shall be limited pursuant to Section 13.


  1. Liability of the Company

The Customer’s claims for damages are excluded unless the damage was wilfully caused or caused with gross negligence by the Company or its legal representatives or performing agents or is based on the breach of an essential contractual duty. Essential contractual duties to this effect are such obligations which must be fulfilled so as to enable the proper execution of the contract at all, and the adherence to which the Customer may regularly rely on.

Insofar as the Company is liable pursuant to the aforementioned provision, the liability is limited to the foreseeable typical damage, unless the seller is charged with wilful intent or gross negligence.

Liability for a culpable injury to life, body or health, liability in the event that a quality guarantee was given or that a defect was maliciously concealed as well as the mandatory liability under the product liability law remain unaffected.

The aforementioned liability limitations shall apply respectively if the Customer asserts a claim for replacement of useless expenses in lieu of a claim for damages.


  1. Liability of the Customer

If the Customer does not provide the Company with the required information and documents in correct and complete form and due time the Customer shall be liable for any damages, costs and expenses resulting thereof unless the Customer proves that he is not responsible for the noncompliance with the contractual requirements.


  1. Statutory Cancellation Right for Consumers 

The Customer has the right to cancel the framework contract within fourteen days without giving any reason. The cancellation period is fourteen days from the date of conclusion of contract. To exercise the right of cancellation, the Customer must notify the Company

Address: Zeppelinstr. 33, 85748 Garching, Germany

Phone: +49 (89) 12 25 73 17

E-Mail: info@safetytaxfree.com


by a clear statement (e.g.  by postal mail, fax or e-mail) and inform the Company about his decision to cancel the contract. The Customer can also use the attached cancellation form, but it is not obligatory. If the Customer sends the Company his/her cancellation via the cancellation form, the Company will promptly send a confirmation of the receipt of the cancellation to the Customer (e.g. by e-mail).

In order to meet the cancellation deadline it is sufficient for the Customer to send the communication concerning the exercise of his cancellation right before the cancellation deadline.

Consequences of Cancellation

If the Customer cancels the contract, the Company must repay to the Customer all the payments received from the Customer promptly and at the latest within fourteen days from the date on which the notice of the cancellation of contract is received by the Company. For repayment, the Company uses the same method of payment that the Customer used for the initial transaction, unless the Customer explicitly agrees otherwise.

If the Customer has requested the Company to start rendering its services during the cancellation period the Customer shall be obliged to pay an appropriate fee to the Company in proportion to the extent of the service already provided at the time the Customer informs the Company on the cancellation in comparison to the full scope of contractual services provided for in the contract.


  1. Special Terms for the Customer using the Safety Tax Free Travel Agent Account (Travel Agent)

The Travel Agent is not entitled to use the Company’s VAT refund program with his/her Safety Tax Free Travel Agent Account but shall advertise the VAT refund program. If the Customer using the Company’s VAT refund program has questions about the VAT refund program or needs help regarding any issues concerning the VAT refund program, the Travel Agent shall give help to or consult the Customer in the case that the registration of the Customer was a result of the advertisement of the Travel Agent.


  1. Termination of Contract

1. Without prejudice to the foregoing, each Party shall have the right to terminate the framework contract subject to preliminary notification at least 30 days prior to such termination. Any sales contract already concluded between the Parties remains unaffected.

2. Furthermore, each Party shall be entitled to terminate the framework contract for good cause without notice. A good cause for the Company to terminate the contract is particularly but not exclusively given if the Customer substantially violates his contractual obligations.

3. The Customer’s authorization to act on behalf of the Company expires at the time of termination of contract.


  1. Company Policy for combating Money Laundering

According to the TAFT recommendations for establishing an effective regime to counter money laundering and financing of terrorism published in 1990, the Company checks the Customer in accordance with the provisions of the Company’s anti-money laundering policy and its involvement in the detection and prevention of any activity related to money laundering and financing of terrorism. Identifying possible risks of money laundering during the execution of transactions and working with Customers allows the Company to take appropriate measures to control and reduce these risks. For identification of the Costumer the Company uses open source data and also provides additional internal audits (e.g. identification of duplicate invoices, proof of identity of the account holder, etc.) to identify and documentally confirm the identity of the Costumer and to receive all necessary information about the Costumer including the purpose and nature of the activities planned by him/her. The Company will receive and document any additional information about the Customer and assess the degree of risk of money laundering using an approach based on risk assessment.


  1. Governing Law

The contract between the Company and its Customer shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Any mandatory provisions that cannot be derogated from by agreement by virtue of the law of the state where the Customer is residing shall remain unaffected.